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Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks Re-team for HBO Air Force Series

While "Band of Brothers" covered the war on land and "The Pacific" the sea, the untitled new project will look at the officers and enlisted men who served in the Eighth Air Force against Germany.... ( Ещё...

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Toby Sharp 4
Tony Cross 3
Jeff Phipps 3
Reading the blurb in the link, it says they "put aside ideology" to do this. Can someone fill me in on this? what are the diverging ideologies?
Brian Lager 2
I believe it was both of them who said the war against Japan was racial in nature. Their left wing views are quite well known but I don't see the connection of a sneak attack against the US as racist
Jeff Phipps 2
Thanks - I read it as Hanks vs. Spielberg will put aside their ideologies meaning the two producers had differing views.
Pilotguyr6 2
This will be LEGEN wait for it... DARY!!!!!!!!
NW Girling 1
And next will be the Navy in the Pacific, without them there would have been no Pacific Island hopping to Japan.
Rick Tylor 1
If it was like the last two, I'll really enjoy it.


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