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China Approves New $11.2 Billion Beijing Airport

Chinese leaders have given final approval for a long-awaited new $11.2 billion international airport in Beijing to ease congestion at PEK. ( Ещё...

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canuck44 1
PEK certainly needs help, but with this facility being to the South there is a long transit through or around Beijing to change departures from one to another. Possibly we will see an MTR connecting the two with a station downtown like in Hong Kong.
Ric Wernicke 1
MTR Corp is in talks with Beijing to manage the rail transportation system between the airport and the city. Plans are to provide local transportation with housing and shopping concentrated along the rail lines to allow transit like Hong Kong. The traffic in Beijing has clogged the city with hours of delays to go short distances. It was like that in Hong Kong prior to undersea tunnels and the MTR.

The polution in Beijing is not from mobile sources. It is a combination of people burning compressed coal and the Gobi desert next door. Beijing means North Capital because they all went South in the Winter to Nanjing (South Capital.) 500 years ago the polution in winter was so bad the Royals left town. In 1413 there was not a single aircraft registered in China, so aviation was not the source of the polution.
Brad Littlejohn 1
I think the Chinese officials should concentrate more about their smog issue than build a new airport at this time, which would contribute more to their issue:


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