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Hunt for Spitfires 'buried in Burma' after WWII

BBC World News story on the ongoing search, with an updated assessment of the likely location where the planes are thought to have been buried. ( Ещё...

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Toby Sharp 1
I like how these non plane geeks think that all these Spitz' are "in as good as condition as the day they were built" .....yet after that they tell us they have been burried in crates in Burma since the end of WW2.
preacher1 3
I thought they were found several months ago and the emphasis now was on recovery and transport back to the UK. I am like you though, Toby; After nearly 70 years, I don't care how good the packing is, there have to be some ravages of time there.
linbb 1
Hmm seems either the writer of the story has not kept up with things or someone screwed up before and didnt really know what was there or where they were. No could be they are in good shape with the way they used to pack them but will only be known when they are found if they ever are as by now they should have dug some of them up.
preacher1 1
I am kinda like you. Based on past accounts, they ought to have them out of the ground by now. I was a thinkin' some time back that they had found them after years of looking and were just looking for a sugar daddy.
James Vance 1
Another angle on the story from Reuters, with perhaps more explanation of where the search process actually stands -- the BBC video in the above link provided some clarity on the subsurface prospects from ground-penetrating radar.

Among the reasons that the search process has lagged the stories from earlier in the year is pretty straightforward -- the monsoon season.
eagle5719 1
At this point, I'll believe there are Spitfires buried there - when and if they dig one up and post the picture, (out of the crate).
preacher1 1
Well, they are now saying January on account of the monsoons and having to let the watertable drop. I am all about old aircraft but this story has kinda been overdone. I'm kinda like you; no need hearing about it again until they get one up and out of the crate.


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