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Great Photo of a P-51B Mustang (Hi-Res)

This photo was taken onboard a B-25 Mitchell Bomber, the landscape in the background is Mt. Pilchuck near Everett, Washington. ( Ещё...

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MeanMrMustard 6
That's a desktop Background!
panam1971 6
Rick Mathews 3
My Father flew P-51`s in WWII jusat turned 89 yrs young.
Eric McNett 1
I'm a guy who would love to hear some mission stories! Airmen from that time are getting fewer and fewer :(.
Eric McNett 1
Sweet Photo! I was at Paine Field a week ago for the Vintage Aircraft Weekend and saw this P51, such an awesome plane!
Kawaiipoint2 1
Why is this a top squawk... honestly? Yes it is one of the most beautiful aircraft the world has seen. But in what way is this "news" ?
Rick Mathews 1
chalet 0
The only noteworthy feature of this picture is that this one seems to be an early P-51 with humpback that was modified with a shortened glass canopy and a place for the pilots owner to ride in, in short nothing worthwhile


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