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The LAX Experience (Short Film)

This is a short film featuring many airlines and airplanes operating out of Los Angeles Int'l Airport. ( Ещё...

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Clement 1
Nice piece, but when you have carte blanche, you can doing anything... for the layman freelancer, go to Imperial Hill . El Segundo which over looks 25L / 25R or In & Out Burger at 9149 South Sepulvada Blvd (Westchester) Los Angesles for 24L and 24R .. For pictures at ground level go to Flight Path Learning Center LAX (Open Tue-Sat) .. Viewing DC-3 "Spirt of 76" outside on ramp.. No barriers blocking cameras for take off and landing shots outdoors .. with possible A380 nearby
Peter Rice 1
One of the great joys in my life was being able to work LA Approach, first before the strike (ouch) and then the LA Finals from 98 till retirement in 2008. I've worked at a lot of airports, but the magic at LAX was always the best and this short film partly explains it. Thanks for the link.
JJ Johnson 0
Without a doubt LAX is the worst airport in America for flyers. A 3rd world dump stuck in a 1960's time warp with a mix of Banana Republic atmosphere. I avoid it at all cost.
ethanbenjaminsa3 1
I disagree it is a great airpot


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