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Cow Distracts Pilot

Aircraft: Cessna 182. Injuries: None. Location: Del Rio, Texas. Aircraft damage: Substantial. What reportedly happened: The private pilot was attempting to land on a private dirt strip. During the approach, he was distracted by a cow that was adjacent to and moving toward the runway. ( Ещё...

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John Hale 2
you have to watch for deer at my airport. Buzz first then land
Jay Meyer 1
Ev Butler 1
I saw this with my own eyes: A Mooney was landing at 3W6 and landed on a deer running down the runway. The pilot didn't know about it until he exited the plane. There was deer hair on the main struts. He couldn't have seen the deer. It came out of the woods and ran in the same direction as the landing Mooney. It was on a weekend and several witnesses were present or the pilot might not have known that he scraped the deer. The doe rolled over a time or two and exited the runway but fast. This could have ended much differently if the deer had timed it a second sooner.
preacher1 1
KRUE has some woods on one side. Here while back, the Airport Manager was doing some touch and Go work out there in his cessna. Out of those woods walked bull that came from somwhere, across the active, and started grazing in beteen the active and the
You ought to have seen the roundup that ensued. It took them 6 hours to get him up. Turns out he had just walked thru a fence that bordered the airport.
Fly the plane;;;Watch the cow; your call.
Jeff Lawson 1
i know cows can be pretty mesmerizing but he should keep his attention on the plane :)
preacher1 1
Friend of mine years ago used to buzz the pasture to clear his strip before landing.
At dusk or dark we have to do the same thing for deer at m34. Have seen quite a few planes laid up over the years.


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