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News Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing In Hollywood Parking Lot.

HOLLYWOOD ( — A helicopter for a TV news station made an emergency landing in Hollywood after smoke began pouring from the rear of the engine. ( Ещё...

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mike SUT 8
Nice job....better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air then to be in the air wishing you were on the ground...
Stanley Johnson 2
My helo instructor (famous aerobatic pilot Mary Gaffney) once said a helicopter is inherently unstable and wants to destroy itself. Your mission, as pilot, is to prevent that from happening.
jason garrett 2
they sure got some good footage :) Nice job landing i bet the pilot had a beer that afternoon.will be interesting to see what the incident report comes up with regarding the "cracked engine" ...human factors ..?
Robert Fleming 1
WOW....that video gave me chills....thank goodness all came out ok! Great job by the pilot!
Ric Wernicke 1
Even better job by the pilot of the Channel 2/9 helicopter giving a heads up to the smoke from the channel 5 helicopter. He was also the instructor for the pilot of the damaged ship.
Ric Wernicke 1
KTLA was the inventor of the Telecopter and for many years was the only full time color camera platform in the air. Pilot Larry Scheer, and cameraman Harold Morby were the first crew to ever have a live color signal from an aircraft on all three television networks at the same time. An earthquake in 1971 was the story. Sadly that aircraft (N555TV) was sold to NBC and Gary Powers (U2 pilot shot down over Russia) and he ran out of fuel causing a fatal crash.
Hector Vazquez 1
Anderson James 1
Great real-life auto-rotattion to the ground (pavement. Shows what good training can do. KCEU.
How do you figure it was a autorotation?
Hector Vazquez 1
I know what autorotation is. Looks to me he landed with power. Cautionary landing.
Clement -1
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KTLA TelevisionHelicopter Emergency (Video)

A KTLA-TV Channel 5 helicopter made an emergency landing in the heart of Hollywood on Monday after mechanical problems developed.


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