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Pilots forced to make emergency landings because of fuel shortages

The incidents led to the aircraft being given landing priority by airports over other flights were often triggered by planes facing difficulties after having been diverted because of bad weather. (www.telegraph.co.uk) Ещё...

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Roland Dent 1
"The Telegraph" is on the right of politics here in the UK. These guys would not have published this story unless the MBA set/accountants needed a kick up the A. My answer to this?.. Take a 20 litre can of cheap agri diesel and pour it all over the senior dispatch office. Rock on..
Roland Dent 1
Source EXARO website

How Virgin flight from Florida ran low on fuel after diversion

"Jumbo 747 passenger jet hit blustery weather, then captain raised alarm on fuel
By Roger Wilsher, Keith Perry, Susan Cooke and Alison Winward | 18 August 2012 | 3
Never been on a plane that has done a go-around. It did not feel safe because the plane was all over the place"

Passengers boarding Virgin Atlantic flight number VS16 were leaving behind the breezy evening cool of Florida’s Orlando. And they had no idea of the terrifying journey that was to come.

Their Boeing 747-443, named Jersey Girl, was destined for Gatwick. The jumbo jet was due to leave on Monday January 2 at 7.50pm, although take-off was delayed by more than an hour-and-a-half.

Ahead of them on that Monday evening, was a 4,353-mile ‘red-eye’ flight from America’s sunshine state to a southern England battered by high winds and driving rain.

Roland Dent 1
They say..in the press here in the articles.. there should be a "30 minute reserve"..I thought it was 40 or 45 minutes..someone tell me if I am wrong. Have they changed the rules in the |UK?

Reports to CAA of UK passenger jets’ low-fuel emergencies

Civil Aviation Authority records 28 cases of aircraft running low on fuel over two years

By Keith Perry, Susan Cooke, Alison Winward and Roger Wilsher | 18 August 2012 | 3

Since July 2010, 28 commercial passenger aircraft landing in the UK were forced to declare low-fuel emergencies
Exaro today publishes details of reports of UK passenger aircraft declaring emergencies after running low on fuel.

They are based on filings made under the ‘mandatory occurrence reporting’ (MOR) system, which is run by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

It is mandatory to report, for example, any hazardous incident. The CAA says that airlines must refer anything that endangers an aircraft to its MOR system. Reporting some incidents is voluntary.


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