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NW # 255, Crash Survivor Grew Up

The single survivor of Northwest # 255 crash of August 1987, speaks out ( Ещё...

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Phillip Loposser 11
Hey guys, please help me report these spammers on the site by contacting the site admins via email at

I've already had one guy removed from the site for spamming in the comment threads. I'm in the process of taking 'Sohel Khan' out as well.

Let's take pride in our site and keep the crap out of here.

Also, this is a cool story I'll keep my head up for the documentary.
preacher1 1
All you got to do is copy and paste the post into the Email and send it to that address. If you'll just look on the left at the bottom of the blue bar at CONTACT and click on it, it gives you that link; even brings up an addressed Email block. Ain't nothing to it. They have even killed some on the weekend. I don't know if they need it or not but I try to at least give them one page that they are on. They don't want that crap on there any more than we want to wade thru it and when they cull a user, chances are they won't be back.
Keep it up, FA!!!!!
Jeremy Kudlick 2
I look forward to watching that documentary. I can't imagine the unfounded guilt these people must feel for being the only person to survive. I hope they all found some release.
Clement -1
Should have no reason to feel guilt .. not their fault.
Dawn Murray -1
I agree with Rob. . .there should be NO reason to feel guilt. We don't know why things happen as they do. . its just the way it is.
Bill Menzel 2
Saying that there is NO reason sure doesn't help those who feel survivor guilt!
Bill Menzel -1


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