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F-22 Fighter Loses $79 Billion Advantage in Dogfights: Report

The United States has spent nearly $80 billion to develop the most advanced stealth fighter jet in history, the F-22 Raptor, but the Air Force recently found out firsthand that while the planes own the skies at modern long-range air combat, it is "evenly matched" with cheaper, foreign jets when it comes to old-school dogfighting. ( Ещё...

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99NY 11
Not terribly surprising, the F-22 is an interceptor/air superiority a/c first and foremost, dogfighter second. I'm sure the same shortcomings apply to the F-15 as well.

No need to dogfight when you can blow the enemy out of the sky before he even know's you are there!
Mike Eidsmoe 6
Interesting why this seems like news on yahoo. The US hasn't been in a dogfight in ages, therefore why spend the money on it?

I would still not want to go against an F-22, even if it was 10-1 odds!
preacher1 2
Very true. It has guns. They didn't make the same mistake with it as they did with the F4 and it sounds like it held it's own, but as you say, blow 'em out of the sky before they even know you are there
Roger Deeringer 5
Once again, the news media must make news. The comparisons within the article are correctly written, but why the yellow press headline? Just the facts, please, just the facts. Keep your opinions to yourself.
Brian Bishop 2
Exactly. If there are Raptors in the area, nobody with a brain in any current aircraft would be likely to challenge them. The likelihood of an actual "old school" dogfight taking place is very slim. That's precicely why it's "old school".
Brian Bishop 1
Meant to put this in reply to 99NY's excellent post.

[This poster has been suspended.]

preacher1 1
Well, according to the article, they were up against a German pilot in a Euro Fighter. He didn't say he beat him. He just said he expected more.
Kawaiipoint2 1
I think i heard somewhere that the F-22 could take on 8 F-15Es simultaneously and blow them out of the sky before even getting a lock...
Andy Tyler 1
Who cares lol. Enemy aircraft probably won't be able to get within dogfighting range of the F-22 before its gotten close enough and fired off its missiles.
steven meyer 1
Most engagements today will be those in which you never see the other plane with your eyes. You will engage them on radar, so the dogfighting advantage is really null, especially with UAV's-which if we admit it (and we pilots hate to think it so) the future of aviation will be pilotless aircraft. This takes out human error-the largest factor in aircraft accidents.
Martin Stark 1
Not for nothing, but the UAVs still have human operators. I get where you are going, but it should be quite some time before it's some kind of automated system moving around out there.
Steven Fortson 1
The problem with the BVR capability, is that the US military has had so few BVR kills in the history of missile combat. You can count BVR kills just about on one hand. Add in the AIM-120D motor/delivery issues.....
Michael Misorski 1
Haha! What a waste of money. Just stick with the F-15E and you'll be fine.
John Mann 1
But how many adversaries are left to come into the merge???


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