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Video: Brazilian Fighter Jets Shatter Windows During Supersonic Low Pass

Two Brazilian Air Force Mirage 2000s pulled a supersonic low pass over the country's capital that shattered the windows of the Supreme Court. ( Ещё...

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Rafael Zola 5
I wonder how the mythbusters guys reacted after this episode...They had to try several times to break a window. They should have asked the Brazilian air force instead...
tim mitchell 4
MYTHBUSTED....just like those windows
Patrick Mullins 1
Mythbusters kept the plane in a "safe" elevation and speed as well. I'd say it'll happen if the pilot is a little more reckless, as we can see.
al fredericks 3
I REMEMBER F-86'S BRAKING THE SOUND BARRIER YEARS AGO. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. SHOULD HAPPEN MORE OFTEN HERE. better than motorcycles racing in the streets or tires squealing.
Marcio Lino 4
Hi Guys!

I was there when those Mirages passed very low over the STF Building (Brazilian Supreme Court).

I took a picture of the Mirage after that low pass, when it turned left a few meters after the STF. See it on the link bellow:

RadBaron 1
Marcio Lino 2
Rafael Zola 1
Marcio Lino 1
Stan Pickus 1
What a fantasstic picture Marcio.

jet4ang 1
You need to go to a different video on You tube to actually see the damage. There are three of them with only one showing the destroyed building.
Ian Rayburn 1
Some years ago, when the "new" Ottawa International Airport had undergone major restoration, the U.S.A.F. sent a Starfighter from Plattsburg Airbase to do a celebratory fly past. Must have been a rookie pilot as he decide to break the sound barrier flying over the new building. Needless to say, every window was broken.
Zany4God 1
It appears, in Mario's photo, the brakes were deployed on both the upper and lower sides of the wing. Perhaps they had not intended to break windows. It's a great photo of the Mirage.
trennor turcotte 1
Nice pic, Marcio. Court of inquiry coming up? Should hold it in the STF building - sans windows!
Marcio Lino 1
Thanks Trennor! Pilots must have a little to say, but certainly not in STF because they should have a military court hearing.
Jim Quinn 1
What? No "ba-BOOM" like I used to hear as a kid at fighter bases around the world?
Ronald Padgett 1
Could be the sound quality on the camera. The glass would be breaking during the 'boom'. Would've been nice to see it in person... with hearing protection, of course. :)
dtsuchom 1
Agreed, sounded different when I was a kid, maybe due to higher altitude flights?
Jason Feldman 1
encore! Please repeat in Chicago... thanks :) J
MimosaDrive 1
Tom Kearney 1
Zany4God 1
I remember my Dad talking about flying over the house, during WW2. I was too young to really remember. It was something young pilots could get away with, even though it violated protocol. Of course he wasn't flying jets, but it could still get you excited enough to drop what you were doing and race outside to watch. I do that today if I hear an odd engine sound. I can still identify a lot of planes just by their sound.
RadBaron 1
Looking at this video taken after the fly-by , most of the "windows" only appear to be panes of glass, with a solid wall behind them. Add that to the overhang on the building, and the glass had no chance at all. The overhang would concentrate the shockwave from the jets, reflecting it from the ground with no dissipation. The solid wall behind the glass does the same thing.
Lvanworkum 1
The cost of the windows will be deducted from their next paycheck(s).
Ken McIntyre 0
Bet they don't try that again!
Leo Smith 0
Must have been a "Bad fuel control"..... Right?????
Ken McIntyre 0
More like a very very bad idea. LOL Glad I don't have to pay for all that glass!
Clarisse Dodge 0
As a Brasilian, I'm both Bothered by this occurrrence (see unintelligent YouTube Comments), and Happy to find the Pilots had the Guts to make such a Political Statement, against what appears to be Brasil's (still present) archaic-style governance--including cronyism and corruption). The latter two aspects sadden me deeply. Though living as a USA'dian nearly 38 yrs., part of my Heart never left my Motherland. And, as for AVIATION ITSELF, Few--if Any USA'dians--Learn that before "Kitty Hawk's 12-sec., 120' flight in 1903, a Brasilian, Alberto Santos Dumont, Flew a Dirigible around the Eiffel Tower, in 1901, and in Brasil, France and most other countries it is Dumont, not the Wright brothers, who are seen as "the Father of Aviation" And, many of You Pilots must know that most of the Regional planes currently flying in the US, are Brasilian-Made ("Embraer," short for "Emprêsa Brasileira Aéronautica) aircraft. Yeah, Sure! We're a "Real Backwards Country!" NOT! Whenever I fly, my Heart skips a Beat w/ pride, when I see that I'll be flying an Embraer craft--even if it is a Propeller one...
ken young 2
Dude ,settle down. The Wright Bros are credited with pioneering the first WINGED flight.
CHeck back when United starts using lighter than air craft on their scheduled routes.
Clarisse Dodge 1
"Dude," Get over yourself! Here's my Q. To You: 
Then, Why? Pray, tell me,  aren't BOTH facts included in US History Books? To me, teaching of BOTH Events, would make much better sense, than to teach, as done now. 
As far as I'm concerned, Whoever it was--Who was the *FIRST to be Airborne*, with the *ability to Maneuver* the craft, (regardless of whether, it may have been a Dirigible, a Baloon, or Fixed-Wing Aircraft), WAS/IS the Father of Aviation!!! That means Alberto Santos Dumont, *not* the "fable-full" Wrights Brothers. End of Discussion.
This is my last entry, in reply to this Issue, (esp. to "snarky" ones, such as yours). Happy Flying, Everyone!
Are both facts included in Brazil's history books???
Ken Ballantyne 1
Thank you. I lived in Brasil for two years, and I know about Santos Dumont as well. Part of my heart is still in Brasil as well. Eu te amo meu Brasil.
Clarisse Dodge 0
É mesmo! Entretanto de que estêja aquí, já há quase 38 anos, a Saudade ainda é Forte. (Apezar de ser Paulistana, meu Coração vai um pouco mais ao Sul, ao Belissimo Estado de Stª Catarina). Qual foi a parte do Brasil onde vc estêve? Sonho me Aposentar lá, se der tudo certo, ;)
Where in this post does it say Brazil is backwards???
Wilfred Taylor 0
Fighter pilots must be extremely disciplined in their actions. This double [supersonic] fly-over was NO mistake; and was probably [99.999%] NOT authorized by any sane BAF commander. The state of Brazil owns these aircraft and has trained, authorized and ENTRUSTED the pilots to fly them as prescribed by their orders. For this reason alone these pilots should be permanently removed from the cockpit ["grounded"] and should face military discipline [IE: courts marshall or command administrative action].
Mark Mcmurrugh 0
The pilots next job should be window cleaners
flygirljc 0
skittel 1
it happens about the 3 second mark right as the 1st jet passes over the bldg
skittel 1
2 sec mark
Wilfred Taylor 0
Fighter pilots must be extremely disciplined in their actions. This double [supersonic] fly-over was NO mistake; and was probably [99.999%] NOT authorized by any sane BAF commander. The state of Brazil owns these aircraft and has trained and authorized the pilots to fly them as prescribed by their orders. For this reason alone these pilots should be permanently removed from the cockpits and be courts marshalled.


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