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Turbulence grounds United Flight 1632 in Lake Charles, injuries on board.

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - One flight attendant remained hospitalized while two others were released Wednesday morning, after turbulence forced a United Airlines flight to make an emergency landing in Lake Charles. It was a rough ride for 88 passengers and crew aboard a United Airlines flight from Houston's George Bush Intercontinental bound for LaGuardia Airport landed at Lake Charles Regional Airport. ( Ещё...

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John Hale 2
Not going north could be from too much air traffic or weather farther up that we can't see from the map. Too me they looked like they were far enough south of those storms but must have hit some clear air turbulance. Like the guy said could have been worse.
preacher1 1
Looks to me like they got right in the big middle of it, per the link below. Now as the Flight crew said, both of them were well, experienced pilots and hadn't ever seen anything like that in 20-30 years. That being said, that same line of wx came out of Oklahoma on Tuesday nite and just dropped to the bottom FAST, thru Arkansas and LA.I went to bed in Western AR Tuesday nite and the 150 mile radar was totally clear. I got woke up about 3AM to lighting and thunder, pulled up the radar on the computer and the screen was full but it lasted only about 10 min. It was moving. It's about 80 mi on to LIT and by the time the 430 early news came on, it was already past them and into South AR, No.LA. If this was the same cell, it was nasty and it could have been clear over that way when he left Houston.
Jim Carefoot 1
Frank Ch. Eigler 1

One wonders why they didn't try to go north of the cells rather than south.
indy2001 1
I know this is Monday morning quarterbacking, but I wonder why they maintained an east-southeasterly heading for so long when their destination was KLGA? With the weather east of Houston, it would seem like a northeasterly heading toward the gap would have been in order. The same flight number headed northeast on several previous occasions (e.g. June 8th:, and that route would have taken them out of the weather quicker. Hindsight is always 20/20, but it would be interesting to know the reasoning used by the pilots and/or ATC to head toward the worst of the weather.
preacher1 1
like I said in the comment below, if that was the same system that came thru up here, that area may have been clear when he left KIAH. That thing was moving faster than anything I have seen in many years and it was bad ugly.
John Hale 1
most flights I've seen going to jfk or lga frohouston usally go east then up the east coast. weather permiting.
Wendell Smith 1
A letter to the reporter covering the story from the father of a passenger aboard Flight 1632.
ltcjra 1
That's why I repeat: If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going!!
Brad Joseph 3
It was a boeing 737. Either way, not sure what any of this has to do with the aircraft type.


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