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Turbulence after Victoria Beckham Twitter pic

Netizens think fashion designer's photo of herself buckled into a jump seat is cute. Cathay Pacific officials less so ( More...

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frankly, i don't give a fudge!
pilot0987 2
agreed. who cares? the internet provokes the weak to voice their thoughts.
alistairm 3
Did you not just "voice" your thought.... On the internet??
pilot0987 1
Yes but I am more or less talking about people who complain about every little thing. Thanks for your wonderful input again.
Jeff Lee 1
The critics need to get a life.
John Case 1
lol, I'm a non-rev so any seat is always my favorite.
Rob Claybrook 1
This reiterates that some people will complain about anything.
I wonder why people are eager to use the airliner toilet when they have enough time to spare on ground. However, she is lucky that she has got a nearby place to sit rather than walking a long way back to her seat with her bladder full :)
sparkie624 1
LOL, What a Joke. 2 Spoiled brats in my book and should be handled as such.


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