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Mobile App Helps Report Unfair Airport Screeners

Sikhs feel they've been targeted unfairly because of their headwear. ( Ещё...

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Ron Shelton 1
Simple solution; stop hiring criminals, perverts and pedophiles.
Pileits 1
Profiling is human nature. We all do it almost subconsciously as part of the experiences we've had in life previously interacting with other human beings.
It's just like breathing or your heart beating it is being human.
sparkie624 1
Good idea, but it probably will not have much effect.
preacher1 1
I guess there's an app for everything now.Why does the TSA not put an app out there for everybody so they can see just how big their problem is????? Are they afraid to?????
Dubslow 2
That's what this is, essentially.

"The agencies agreed to allow the app to use the agencies' system for submitting the complaints." -- The TSA did something right -- I'm shocked! Now they need to fix what's getting them so many complaints.

""My hope is that this app will exponentially increase the number of complaints filed with the TSA, flood the system so they get that this is a problem. For too long the Transportation Security Administration has been able to tell Congress this is not an issue, nobody's complaining," Singh said."

Best idea I never had. If I flew more often I'd get it myself.
richard weiss 2
Bill, one would have to assume the TSA doesn't know they have a problem, and this App will enlighten them. On the contrary, the TSA knows they have problems and choose not to correct them. If every passenger that was abused filed a complaint, TSA would ignor the data. Until there is a complete change of leadership at TSA, the current gestapo tactics will continue unimpeded.
preacher1 2
Unfortunatly my friend, you are probably very correct here. Tis sad that so many in the trenches are getting bashed, whether they deserve it or not, trying to follow what flows down from the top. This is one true case of where change is going to have to come from the top down, and it can be done. Not withstanding the fact that he is a personal friend and Ex county judge down here, look what James Lee Witt did for FEMA a few years back. You can see it before during and now after so it wasn't a fluke. If the right person is in there it can be done.
richard weiss 2
Let's hope the process begins on November 6th, 2012. That would be Change I Could Believe in. Judge Witt did a great job at FEMA. Maybe we can draft him for Pistole's job in 2013.
preacher1 2
He's kinda like us as far as progressing up in years(lol) but back when they had such a fiasco on Katrina, some national news person interviewed him and asked why he wasn't helping, and he just simply said "I wasn't asked". We are gonna have to put all this partisan crap aside and get back to the world of common sense if anything meaningful gets done, and like you, I can't wait until November 6th.
Clive Peterson 1
Well not sure this is great, and anyone that knows me, knows I think TSA staff are bozo's....BUT there is a place for profiling!! HECK the FBI has a whole group that profiles as they should, MAYBE if we profiled better the towers, pentagon etc would be untouched! But you need to be trained to profile the right way!
Dubslow 2
Though yes, generally the TSA is a bunch of bozos (admin moreso than the officers, who I think mostly just get caught in the middle).
John Danzy 2
Too bad the TSA wasn't around after the Oklahoma City bombing. Then all white men and men with white names (Clive Peterson) would have to be profiled. I guess if we profiled better back then that tragedy wouldn't have happened, right?

Do you even know who Sikhs are and what their religion is?
richard weiss 2
There are prisons full of average white men that were caught by police "criminally profiling" them. The diffence lies in technique. Not all profiling is racial.
Dubslow 1
Ah, but the app isn't just specifically for profiling (or at least so I inferred), even though that's the original purpose. Like I said, if I flew more, I'd use it if I got a patdown and say "Yeah, one of your agents just molested me."


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