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Would you give "Meet and Seat" a try?

KLM Airlines has launched a program that allows you to choose your seatmate based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profile, hopefully preventing those awkward boarding gate staredowns when you silently hope you're not beside the guy who's singing along with his iPod. The program, called "Meet and Seat," is available on flights between Amsterdam and New York and San Francisco and Sao Paolo, with hopes to add additional flights in the future. The New York Times notes that you… ( Ещё...

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jonathan sharkey 1
Maybe those of us who don't Facebook will all sit together...
jim garrity 1
If you don't have FB, I guess your out of luck?
canuck44 1
To believe the FB page of a stranger is to believe the IRS is here to help us.

The outcry will be massive when someone sets up a few "Facebook Groups" dedicated to ulterior motives of searching for "compatible" individuals, the scope of which need not be delineated here, but could be roughly equivalent to a 310 Craig's list..
Richard Rohrer 1
Then I would have to give up my paranoia about Facebook being a government data collection conspiracy. Wait, may I could sit next to a real conspiracy theorist!
skylloyd 1
I am a FB holdout, read FA, much,much more interesting.
jmilleratp 0
KLM is a piece of $@&! airline. If you fly them, you'll regret it.

No thanks to your FB scheme, or anything else you have to offer.
Peter fowler -1


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