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787 Dreamliner becomes reality three years behind schedule

The Seattle Times reported on Sunday that 787 programme costs had topped $32bn due to delays. That estimate raised questions, the newspaper said, over whether the new jet would make money for Boeing before "well into the 2020s, if ever". Analysts say new jets typically cost closer to $15bn. Boeing also faces Wall Street concerns over its ability to reach its target of lifting output to 10 planes a month by 2013. ( Ещё...

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Roland Dent 1
To hell with Wall long as their families are not onboard when an airplane has an accident. They are not particularly bright either as we have seen in the past few years. The recent 99% campaigns don't worry them either.
Joseph Chan 1
What is this, a slow news day? This article is at least 4 months old.
alistairm 1
It's actually aout 4.5 months old. What is your point? I am sure that if it was bad news about Airbus, everyone would be all over it. Just shows you...
Patrice Levesque 1
Delays = costs.... But this is a realllllly nice looking plane. I wanna fly this baby, this is my career goal: fly a Dreamliner by 2025!


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