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ANA 787 service to SJC

It's nice to see ANA using the 787 on routes it was designed for, long and thin like Tokoyo to San Jose ( Ещё...

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lavalampluva 0
SJC is located much closer to markets that most of it's passengers with which they would be doing business.
Clement 0
Welcome to San Jose international ANA .. Rain or shine ... I will be there, when the first one lands and departs !!

Translated to Japanese: サンノゼの国際的なANA..へようこそ。 ...を雨のように降らせるかあるいは磨いてください。 最初のものが着陸して、出発する時、私はそこにいます!!
jeffrey Pellegrino 0
Why isn't ANA flying to the big markets like Los Angeles, New York City, or Chicago?
canuck44 0
They use 777s into each of those markets along with SFO and there is lots of competition in each of them including SQ. They are not looking to take their own business way but undoubtedly know that a certain percentage of the market will have to travel onward to San Jose area. They are prepared to sacrifice that percentage of their own traffic to attract the customers currently using the other airlines who do not want to commute to in "New Business".
Paul Schiesser 0
I'm sure they use bigger planes in those markets where the demand is greater. It's not affordable to fly a 777 or 747 with just 150 passengers
canuck44 0
Look for the Chinese airlines to use them to bypass the coastal destinations to Las Vegas with many of their 787's. This of course is the big Boeing bet that they can erode the A-380 type market. China Southern is clearly wondering what to do with the ones it has already received using them on the CAN to PEK route which is only around 1200 miles.
tomi langer 0
i want to see b787 flying regulary at all.


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