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5, including 2 children, killed in PA32 crash in central Texas; weather may have played role

BRYAN, Texas — Five people, including two children, were killed when a single-engine plane crashed in central Texas and authorities say weather may have played a role in the crash. ( Ещё...

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Another sad story. The pilot and his wife had posted pictures on here.
Jeremy Kudlick 0
I read this story on earlier. Apparently, the ATC instructed the pilot to turn one way, but he turned the other and flew directly into the weather. FAA and NTSB will have to investigate and issue their report. It's tragic regardless of the findings.
Jeremy Kudlick 0
"...the pilot had spoken to air traffic control at Forth Worth after getting into bad weather and was told to take a specific course, but flew in the opposite direction..."

linbb 0
Real easy bad weather bad decisions by the pilots to contiue into it same story same result dead people nothing new about it. Its jus too bad that it happens so often.

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David Russell 0
FedExCargoPilot 0
Wow, that looked like a real nasty squall, dangerous to try and go through it. Looked like there were minor deviations, but did not go around the storm. My guess is that he was low on fuel, no choice of alternates.
Ben Lillie 0
Oh, it was a PA32, that would explain it.
Victor Engel 0
The most severe weather was not in that part of the state, but it was plenty severe enough.


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