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Air Transat to slowly phase out their 310's....

A buddy of mine who is a First Officer for Air Transat, mentioned to me that HQ is thinking of slowly phasing out the 310's - he is typed on the 310 at the moment. I asked him what are they looking at to replace the 310's. He told me that perhaps they will get 767-200ERs from Continental!? Though, there are obvious hicups with Continentals financials. Anyhow, this is nothing solid. Just thought i would share. ( Ещё...

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jeffrey Pellegrino 0
Perhaps they'll go with the 787
Ben Senior 0
I'd love to see an Air Transat 787, but I don't think that would happen, as they already have the a330.The 762 makes more sense.
canuck44 0
Air Transat does not buy new. They will wait for 767-300ERs...unfortunately they missed an opportunity to purchase the Gimli Glider from Air Canada to go with the A-330-200 that ran out of fuel over the Atlantic and had to glide into the Azores. They could have advertised having the world's largest fleet of heavy gliders.
kevin baumann 0
good one john donaldson! ha


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