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Sacramento International's New $1B Terminal.

On October 6, seven airlines began serving passengers from a new $1 billion terminal at Sacramento International Airport. The new Central Terminal B, which replaces a worn, 44 year-old terminal slated for demolition, is actually two buildings: a soaring, glass-and-steel landside terminal with floor to ceiling windows, and an impressive, T-shaped, airside concourse with 19 gates. The airlines operating in Central Terminal B are Aeromexico, Alaska/Horizon, American, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue and… ( Ещё...

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Scott Campbell 0
JUst the biggest joke, they forced SWA to move in and added 7 million to the yearly rent. The old terminal is a ghost town, and none of them will be able to survive, with only United and Delta. Horrible choice horrible timing, horrible planning, way to not go KSMF.
Only the builders are happy now............
Wouldn't expect any less in Ca. Why quit spending if you can still borrow money!!!! Besides, they can always raise taxes.
Dave Boido 0
To be fair (if that's possible for you) the planning for this terminal began in 2006 when the existing facility handled 10 million passengers per year and traffic growth projections showed that the existing terminal would be outgrown. Since opening in 1974 SMF (criticized then too) has been a revenue generator for the local economy, an investment.

Airports like DEN ("DIA"), DFW and even IAD were ridiculed when built, now they're fixtures in their local economies.
Hey, I'm just saying all I need is a clean, efficient place to catch a plane. I don't need a shopping mall or a bunch of art (I use the term loosely ). I do believe California was broke in 2006 and more so today. I believe someone's ego got the better of their brain and their pocketbook. Time will tell.


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