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KLAL Adding Commercial Flights

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Daniel Baker 0
Impressive -- don't hear about many new commercial terminals.
Rob Schellinger 0
If they're smart, they'll add Michigan. In the winter months, it's hard to imagine there's anybody left up there because they're all here. I'd like service to HOU or IAH myself.
connor oslie 0
Gosh, it'll be great to have them off the roads and on planes(controlled by other people of course). I do alot with the airshow there and im glad it will not affect sun n fun that much. Its great to have so many destinations from LAL
Toby Sharp 0
got my initial training at KPCM just about 8 west of LAL. Always a great Big field, thought it'd be perfect for some heavy metal!
Rob Schellinger 0
Mind you, unless something's changed, LAL still doesn't have jetways. I expect passengers will have to walk out to the aircraft and board via stairs.
krebilly 0
oh my dear lord, not...STAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rob Schellinger 0
Yeah, the picture in the paper shows stairs.

The only time I've used stairs was a flag stop at LCH.
preacher1 0
KFSM had stairs forever. Everybody thought they'd do jetways when they built the new terminal. They were included in the plans but due to a backlog or something, the new terminal was open close to a year before they got put in.
Mike Grant 0
Hey, Lighten up! I used to fly in and out of there all the time. Great airport- great location. You gotta start somewhere don't ya?
connor oslie 0
They are still not going to have jet ways unless they build a whole new terminal. as of now they are just refitting the old terminal.


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