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(Video) Pilot's view of 300kt / 3 foot fly-by

Jesus Diaz — The Argentinean pilots who flew that FMA IA 63 jet trainer at one meter from the ground have sent me an exclusive video in high definition from the cockpit of the plane. It's going to blow your mind. ( More...

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Muneeb Hyder 0
wow :O
Kevin Brown 0
Lucky no one was killed in this stunt
Gutzy wow just gutzy.

Was always taught though. The moment you have toooooooo much confidence in your A/C, your a dead man.

Even though I aplaud the flying, but pushing the envelope like that is going to get him killed.

One more thing I agree with someone here who just wrote his balls are draging> I agree He has Balls that hang around his ankles> question is for how long
meeverett 0
Based on the giant "MAX G" warning that popped up in the post maneuver pull, his balls were down around his ankles...
commander680 0
There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.
Daniel Baker 0
This is 10x lower than the B52 flyby that caused a lot of outrage. That pilot [ crashed a few months later in a low altitude, extreme bank].
MimosaDrive 0
The guys laying on the ground did not appear amused.
Joel Rodriguez 0
tedtimmons 0
Maybe he was trying for 10 meters, was a bit low and lived to tell about it.
chalet 0
No guys, the pilot, if he can be called one, has no balls and worse than that, no brains. If he has no respect for his own life or his government's property, he should be hung.
larry clement 0
Price of the jet; $ 1MM ?
fuel burned : $ 2K ?
Size of pilot's cajones; Large
Look on photograpers face: PRICELESS
Chip Hermes 0
So was this guy fired or what?
I know some pilots who do similar approaches to save on the Hobbs time :)


He should have lost his wings, wow so stupid, hell if he ever becomes a transport pilot, I'd fear for my life as a passanger or crew if he takes those kind of chances
Root User 0
There was a fresh underwear drop right after this run right?
In reply to"MimosaDrive", those guys weren't laying on the ground, they were knocked over by the slipstream, of the jet; if you look closely at about 16 secs into the video, you will see them standing up as the jet approaches!
David Sims 0
When will they learn, you can not break the record for lowest level in flight, only tie it...boom!
Merv Thornton 0
That video gave me goosebumps allover!
bbabis 0
My vote goes to no balls and no brains. There is no place for this in flying. Obviously the people on the ground did lay down because very few people are 1 meter tall.
Remember : There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.
Pablolemar 0
You have to give credit when credit is !!! Amazing
Ron S 0
KNARLY Thats friiggin KNARLY. WOW
Robert Fleming 0
Paul Claxon 0
He was doing a low approach for them to see if his gear was down ! lol
chalet 0
How differently the US Armed Services deal with this kind of stuff. Bloggers will remember the two Navy H-60 hotrod pilots who dipped the skids in Lake Tahoe waters over a year ago while in transit to NAS San Diego endangering the lifes of 20 servicemen. They were banned for life from flying Navy planes, can not expect any promotions for years, their career records are for ever blemished and which airline is going to hire them. Meanwhile in Argentina its Air Force brass is probably rejoicing over these maneuvers.
Really cool but really dangerous.
al fredericks 0
hay guys, he just wanted to get your attention, OH boy did he get that!
will744 0
Almost a high speed taxi!!!
alfadog 0
No. Just no.
sincerely: just stupid!
Richard John 0
Come on guys. It's a built in character flaw all fighter pilots have. It's why were the best in the world.
Gary Andrews 0
May have big balls, but absolutely no brains!
toolguy105 0
Even in close air support you never get this low. U.S. Pilots would be booted out of the Squadron and tied to a desk for the rest of their career. As for advancing in rank; forget it. As for this guy; As was said in "Top Gun" he is writing checks his body can't cash." If he keeps this cr*p up he will kill himself and others someday.
Jon Coile 0
This is only the second place winner for low passes. There are countless idiots who did the same thing and tied for first place at zero feet, zero inches. Splat.
Jerry Brooks 0
They do make 'em crazy over there....this guy is just one example!
chalet 0
The Israeli military pilots and their counterparts in England, also widely recognized as being top of the line professionals, have never done anything this stupid and not out of fear of being dishonorably discharged or even sent to jail, it is just that they are terribly responsible, it is part of their own DNA.
al fredericks 0
to richard - get real! is the dis-missile of the commander (BLUE ANGLES) a prime example of your of your top fighter pilot.YOUR PILOTS (NOT ALL), are some of the best. there are other air fighter pilots, of other countries that are just as good if not better. the ISRAELI, CANADIAN, RUSSIAN, FRENCH, BRITISH can take on the u.s.a pilots anyday, time, place.
This type of reckless irresponsibility is what keeps Third-World air forces from joining the top ranks of military aviation. There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots—and that's true even for the military.
Robert Jones 0
That's what happens when leadership fails. It takes a lot of effort to keep kids with jets off the ground. It's WAY fun to make your buddies run.
Shadowstarz 0
That's friggin sick man!
Mark Conner 0
Amazing, and off-scale stupid. Next time call a lawn service if you need the grass mowed that badly.
John Clark 0
I witnessed an Army Guard UH-1 do a flyby that low, albeit at 1/3 the speed, on the approach track at Otis ANG base in the 90's. He thought he'd have some fun dragging his skids in the weeds and among the people watching the Friday practice airshow. He probably didn't think it was fun having his wings pulled by the end of the day.
Steve Shaw 0
What makes me think he was really lower than he wanted to go. Maybe he confused ground-effect over the pucker-factor.
Michael Nadal 0
Boring...Also how many times have we all heard that Top Gun Song
Jerry Brooks 0
Guys like that who like to push the "envelope" soon find the envelope has definite limits that they don't recognize. Then they rearrange sheet metal to their detriment.
I don't think he was trying to go that low. He got away with it that time.
MrTommy 0
This could all be an unplanned ground-skimming example of showing off gone wrong but ending up happily anyway. He may be walking around bragging about his prowess at the stick when actually he's thanking God it didn't end up differently.
Dan Chiasson 0
Hopefully for his sake, the pilot can now claim bragging rights, and refrain from repeating in the future, and retire into the sunset as numero uno. Stunts like this? Not a matter of if there will be a splat incident but when. He has his minute of fame, hope he enjoys it. Stupid testosterone driven move but ooohhhh so much fun to watch! ;-)
Joe River 0
pilot suffer from undiscipline. reckeless flyer. must be fired and grounded
Dan Chiasson 0
@Joe River
Dan Chiasson 0
@ Joe River - some of this is cultural IMHO. The Argentines (have been there) are quite, shall we say, exuberant / passionate. How passionate are they , , , , , remember they took on the Brits in the Falklands ! ! ! ! !
al fredericks 0
argentina VS brits- yes passionate/exuberant and just as stupid. if the pilot wanted to fly low, low, low, get a harrier.
Daniel Baker 0
I've googled a bit to find the backstory or an update on what happened to no avail.
Jerry Brooks 0
He would have had a real problem if a rabbit had jumped up or something had been sucked into his intake.
Daniel Baker 0
@jwbrooks -- the list of things that could've gone wrong is very long!
Leo66 0
Total disregard of safety for those on the ground. Balls or no balls, pure stupidity. I won't grieve for him if he buys the farm.
This guy wasn't just some hotdog pilot, he was THE HOTDOG PILOT!!!
Kenny Amis 0
I'm with Chris
I know, my name is opposite of this group, but I like trains and planes.

The above comments on the stupidity of the pilot are correct. However, it could be a new form of crowd control!
nlamb18 0
As far as disregard for the persons on the ground, watch the video from their point of view. They knew what he was doing and they gladly stood there and watched. Thanks to the pilot and crowd for entertaining us. Always nice to see showboating, ends with a high G maneuver, and the pilot still flying.
chalet 0
Nathan Lamb, Robert Van Dyke, Pablo Lemarchand, Richard John andothers who applauded this stunt: how would your wife and kids react if you tell them that you have been invited by this crazy Argentinian assh... of a pilot to join him for a buzz job 10 ft. off the ground at just 400 miles per hour pulling 5 Gs on the way up, assuming that plane and ground did not collide first. If they get angry or extremely concerned it means that the love you enormously, but what if they become histerically happy.... (LOL!)
nlamb18 0
It's stunts like this one and others that keep people interested in flying. All the news really wants to talk about is how you can die in a plane or how you will be strip searched while you walk through security. If you don't like the fact that there is risk at an event, don't go. I still drive and yet it is dangerous. Have you been to Los Angeles? Maybe this pilot will be a stunt pilot after he retires.
Russell Joyner 0
BEFORE FINAL COMMENT'S ......... Did any of you view the HUD? Also, watch the video closer. The jet was at 1,500 feet and the video was altered to look like it was at 3 to 6 feet. NO, I do NOT condone reckless flying (such as something like this) but who are we to really judge. different mentalities in different countries. Heck, I used to buzz my parent's and my grandma's house when I was young and dumb. Yes some of these outside of a controlled airspace for aerobatics/stunts can potentially be horrific, but I also believe societly in general is becoming more and more TOO politically correct. Those of us involved in flying, aerobatic, and from a military background, this has always been the norm. In fact, the USA was famous for the barn storming days....Look at Gen. Chuch Yeager, he has performed some crazy stuff too. Let's get back to what America is about...If someone wants to jeopardize themselves, it is their life, yes possibly someone else too. Let's live life and NOT always put ourselve in the liberal box. That's my 1-1/2 cents.
chalet 0
I agree with you Nathan but then again you are referring to extremely prefessional and responsible pilots like the Thunderbirds, Blue Angels and their peers all over the world, not necessarly belonging to military outfits like this but individuals who over the years pull very dangerous aerobatics thrilling millions of people over the years again in a most prefessional and responsible way, not some bloke like the one from Argentina who had little or no regard for his life or of others on the ground. By the way do you fly military or commercial, I am rated in C-152s and very proudly so.
Daniel Baker 0
@rtjoyner -- are you sure that's AGL and not MSL?
Russell Joyner 0
@dbaker - Very good point. Even at 1500 MSL, that is 1,500 NOT 1.500. Plus you can see in the video it was fixed. Also there is the ORIGINAL video and it shows the jet in a different pass with all the spectators laughing and yo ucan see the editing to make the final video that all are seeing now. I will do some research to see if I can find that particular video and post the URL. Kind regards to ALL ---Please except apology on my 1st post, was not trying to come out harsh. I did say that it was NOt good as well.
Second pilot said, "Screw that.!!!" Can't say I blame him, I don't think burning lawns was what a fighter jet was made for.
chalet 0
Oh no, not another HOAX again (LOL)
Ken Hurne 0
ya know, it almost looked like an RC which would make flying by the people on the ground a little more understandable. It would be easy to dub in the HUD view.
chalet 0
For those who applauded this crazy stunt as a proof of balls, let me quote a recent news item concerning the No. 1 pilot of the famed U.S. Navy Blue Angels team: "Navy Cmdr. Dave Koss volunteered to be relieved of his duties after admitting days following a performance at Lynchburg Regional Air Show on May 22, that the movement he carried out "had an unacceptably low minimum altitude" and was not in accordance with airborne standards, according to a statement from the Naval Air Forces.

"This maneuver, combined with other instances of not meeting the airborne standard that makes the Blue Angels the exceptional organization that it is, led to my decision to step down," Koss said in the statement."

This is a real and true balls, integrity and brains stuff; the other stunt is garbage.


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