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A jet missing since 1971 has been found at the bottom of Vermont's Lake Champlain

Fifty-three years after a private plane carrying five men disappeared on a snowy Vermont night, experts believe they have found the wreckage of the long lost jet in Lake Champlain. ( More...

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Garry Nielsen 4
Cool story.
James Simms 2
Families have closure
Rick Scott 3
It was certainly an 1121 Jet Commander. A loud jet that sucked fuel so fast that the fuel counter would spin like a slot machine in Vegas. So loud that Teterboro told us not to bring that jet back. 2 hours and 40 minutes is about all the flying time you had. It was a solid built jet.
Well it would be odd if it were found at the top of Lake Champlain. How about just, "has been found in Vermont's Lake Champlain"? I think all readers would deduce that it's at the bottom.
Lowly Jimson 1
Say something important, Andy.

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SorenTwin 18
A simple google picture search disagrees with your statement.
Rom Koutnik 11
The Jet Commander is actually a Jet, not to be confused with the Turbo Commander which is a turbo prop.
Rom Koutnik 1
Walter Hankinson 8
thanks. I think that airplane was an 1121 pre 1968, so was a Rockwell Jet Commander.
IAI started what, in 1970 or so? and the "Worstwind" was born, later stretched to the 1123 with 731's installed.
Guy Rovella 8
Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong.
Bandrunner 2
Guy Rovella 2
Is minus 31 downvotes a record?
btweston 1
You have failed. That is all.
Robert Burness 1
Your post got downvoted. It does seem you may have attitude issues.
Mike G 1


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