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Apollo-led investors acquire cargo airline Atlas Air for $5.2B

After rumors all week, Atlas Air confirmed a sale to a powerful private equity group that sees air cargo as a winner in the next couple decades. ( Ещё...

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Mike Jaureguy 4
Shark smelled blood and is now starting to feed
Richard Haas 1
I assume that with the Russia-Ukraine conflict there is no more cabotage, i.e., flying GE engines from Cincinnati to Spokane on foreign flagged aircraft.
Eric Kulisch 1
True, Russian cargo carrier used by Boeing in the past is out of service in U.S, most of world. So, yes, that is no longer happening due to sanctions.

Richard Haas 0
Apollo took over Sun Country and fired the ground crew employees and replaced them with a contractor who subsequently withdrew. Delta then flew in ground crew positive space from regional airports to help Sun Country out, which I though was odd.
Andrew Persson 1
I have been working there for over two years.they never flew people in. I got hired on and I got put in the big room because the company that they contracted their terms didn’t end till April. They flew A couple people in from Chicago to help in the bedroom that’s all.
Richard Haas 1
This was four years ago: "The deal was Global Aviation's biggest contract yet, but the company's U.S. operations are mostly in Florida and apparently it had trouble hiring enough people here. Things got so bad that Sun Country CEO Jude Bricker, who joined the company last year, asked headquarters employees to volunteer at ticket counters or pick up trash to help keep operations moving.

Global Aviation said it terminated the contract three weeks ago."


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