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Carbon nanotube film produces aerospace-grade composites with no need for huge ovens or autoclaves

Using carbon nanotubes, an MIT team has produced aerospace-grade components without the need for building-sized vessels and using only 1% of the energy. (news.mit.edu) Ещё...

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Roger Kuhn 5
At LOF we manufactured 120 different SMC formula's for building complete composite automobiles for Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler provided tooling money, to manufacture proto-type composite frame parts. The tool molded a duplicate of a steel automobile frame. The difference from system to system was the resin, machine direction, and cloth weight. We were not using Graphite cloth during our testing. I have never seen the data comparing each of the system designs tensile, modulus, and etc. Chrysler chose a production automobile manufactured in England, as their test buck, called the Midas. Chrysler bought two vehicles, crashed one in a head on, the other vehicle was torn apart layer by layer, to determine the material weight, how many layers, machine directions. The resin was unknown. At that time, the crashed production Midas was found to be too rigid for humans to survive a heavy crash. Using todays air bag technology, I believe that these rust free vehicles would serve a purpose and would be less expensive to manufacture. I began my career at the Sheller-Globe R&D Center, as Manager of Physical Testing. S-G installed a crash sled to develop product data, and I manufactured and are the co-inventor of the first crash dummy's, designed for automotive interior component testing. At LOF(Libey Owens Ford), I was the Sales Engineer responsible for Volkswagen, Chrysler, and European business development at Jaguar, Maserati, & etc. Dupont, located nearby in Garden City, Georgia, a suburb of Savannah, has opened a new manufacturing center to manufacture composite laminates for space and aircraft application. In closing, your manufacturing methods are very interesting . The American Government has always been interested in weight and cost reduction. I look forward to seeing additional data in the future! Roger Kuhn
paul gilpin 1
regaring the last paragraph of the article, that list of companies supporting the research, boring is strangely absent.
not surprising at all.
paul gilpin 1
Roy Corrales 1


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