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Bombardier Forecasts 6,800 Deliveries in CSeries Segment

Airlines will order 6,800 small single-aisle aircraft over the next 20 years, Bombardier says in a new market forecast released on 12 September. ( Ещё...

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Forensics1 1
That is a good point. However, you may have forgotten the public sector of the market such as people visiting families, people going to football games, other special event - that segment of the market. I do not know how much of a segment that is but it seems that, as per your prediction, jets do need to grow smaller and more regional. Someday there will be little need for a business class accommodation on domestic aircraft. All of the down vote are coming from staunch and stout aviation supporters who may have difficulties dealing with economic affect of technological change plus, they just love to fly. So do I. If I were king every aircraft in the world would be a 747. Except for the 747sr which would be an exact duplicate of the 747 except a smaller, regional jet., I guess that's why I'm not King, because I dream too much.
Randall Kimm 0
Don't count your chickens before they hatch!
m f 1
It's just market research. All airline manufacturers do this so they know how much to produce in each segment.
paul gilpin -4
given the hollowing of the manufacturing sector, this market research can't be about the US. by 2036 the only reason to travel from kansas city to dallas will be because you like a particular starbucks in big D.


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