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HondaJet enters production

The Honda Aircraft Company has announced that its HA-420 HondaJet business jet is entering production. At a press conference at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) annual meeting and convention in Orlando, Florida, Honda announced that the “world’s most advanced light jet” had passed key testing milestones and is on its way to certification and delivery. (www.gizmag.com) Ещё...

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zennermd 3
I fell in love with this jet the moment I set eyes on it at Oshkosh. Glad to finely see it is in production.
They are right across the runway from where I work, here at Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro. I've had the opportunity to watch the Hondajets as they were developed from their first prototype, back when they were renting hangar space from a local FBO. I have watched them buld their facility, and seen their planes fly in and out numerous times. I've had several opportunities to look at them "up close and personal", and I know a few people that work there. It's been fascinating watching their progression to production, and I wish them every good fortune.
Jan F 1
You work there? Where do you think is the best place for watching aircraft?
Old Oak Ridge Road, at the intersection with Inman, just off the approach of 23L. There's a dirt parking area across the street from the airport fence. Do NOT park on the road, especially on the fence side!
Jan F 1
Oh... I've always been spotting from near the TIMCO hangars or beside the main passenger terminal. Thanks.
You get a great view of the planes from Old Oak Ridge, especially if they're landing on 23L. They practically go right over your head!
Waqar Imran 1
But the plane is very small. Is it not?

It's designed to carry 5 or 6 passengers plus crew, more or less in line with other aircraft in the "Very Light Jet" class. It's designed to cruise at 420 kt., at FL300, with a range of about 1200 miles. Not bad for a "little plane"...
mobilken 1
Seats 4 with option for a side facing 5th. Has full lav which is rare for this size aircraft. Cruise is 425 kts at FL 410. Range with 4 is aprox 985 nm. Greensboro to Oshkosh has one stop in the proof of concept model (Blue).
ken young 1


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