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American Airlines cuts more than 50k flights from summer schedule

American Airlines has cut almost 50,000 flights from its summer schedule, with June and July being the most affected months. ( More...

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mbrews 3
Note that American averages 5500 DAILY departures in a Summer season. The headline 50k cuts are roughly a 12 percent to 15 percent cut
patrick baker 1
what i may find significant includes the number of flight hours . reduced, the cities that lose the most flights, the number of duplications cut Gives me a real picture of what this means.
Chris B 1
Lufthansa did a similar thing.
Peter Fuller 1
Better to cut flights well in advance to right-size the schedule, than to inconvenience passengers by canceling scheduled flights shortly before departure. Schedulers are probably looking at advance bookings, and at predicted crew and aircraft availability, to inform their decisions.


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