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Southwest Removes Expiration Date From Flight Credits

Southwest Airlines has a reputation for caring for its customers and being the airline with a "heart". The low-cost carrier has made another announcement designed to make traveling more flexible for its customers. ( More...

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Don Whyte 1
Just wish Westjet would follow suit. Our flight credits have been thankfully extended but still an expiration date exists...this is not the case with credits in many other industries, so why airlines?
Janet Bridgeland 0
Does this include past credits that were going to expire (in January 2023)? Or just new credits?
Griffin DuBreuil 1
I think it is any credit that had an expiration date on or after July 28 whether old or new.
Thank you Southwest Airlines for offering your excellent customer service and offering to remove the expiration date from the flight credits. You have always provided me with exemplary service.
Sera Scholl 1
I am happy 4U…too bad it didn’t work for a delayed luggage voucher I had from them that I attempted to redeem one day after it expired!
Sorry to hear that Sera, I did have a credit voucher for travel within a year and I tried using it on a flight a few days after the year went by and I had no luck. I just appreciate that they let you change your flights without penalties. I haven't flown since the pandemic, so I've probably been out of the loop. Have a great Summer.
Sera Scholl 1
Thanks for your feedback…I appreciate your input!

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Mildred Sellers 3
and if it wasn't for Southwest you would not be able to fly anywhere............
Mark Jenkins 1
I tend to fly Southwest more than other carriers. SWA policies like 2 checked bags at no extra cost and their incredibly sane boarding process are key factors, along with their highly competitive fares. I have not noticed any more bumptious travelers on Southwest than other airlines.

Eliminating expiration dates on flight credits is another great reason to fly Southwest. I'm not an employee or a shill, just a satisfied customer. Fortunately, we can all choose what we like best, and no one has to ride SWA if they feel their seat-mates aren't up to their social calibre.


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