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Amazon lease at Newark Airport rapped for being fast tracked, bad for minority workers

A proposal to lease two buildings at Newark Airport to Amazon for a 250,000-square-foot global air cargo campus was criticized in a report that charged the plan will hurt minority communities, take away high-paying union jobs and that it was done at the last minute without a chance for public comment. ( Ещё...

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sparkie624 4
How is this bad for Minority Workers... They still will have Minorities working there I am sure. Bad writer, too one sided.
avionik99 5
I think if you read between the lines they are trying to tell us that minorities do not have the work ethic to succeed at an Amazon warehouse. That a union must be enacted in order to lower the working standards.
Roy Hunte 3
I think you've hit the nail on the head.
Robert Cowling 1
You really are a POS. No wonder this country is wallowing around in the sewers of Wall Street.

victorbravo77 1
We'll invest in your community.

... for a price.
godutch 1
I smell 'the Squad' and left wing news here...
Robert Cowling -5
Sounds like they are right. A backroom deal caved to Amazon, and workers get screwed. A 'dog bites man' story, sadly...


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