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London City Becomes First Major Airport to be Fully Remote-Controlled

A digital control tower has been built at London City Airport, allowing flights to be fully guided to take-off and landing by remote controllers. Construction of the tower was completed in 2019 and the switch to full remote-control occurred in January 2021. ( Ещё...

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A couple of airports in Sweden has it already for a couple of years now. Nothing to be noticed so far.
DougieL 1
It's hardly a "major airport". It's a small regional field with a single limited length (4948ft) runway. There's a special approach angle to reduce noise for neighbours. Nothing larger than an Airbus A318 is allowed in. They have a very small number of flights per day.
ADXbear 0
Its starting a trend the industry doesn't need..
Colin Seftel 1
5 million pax and 80000 aircraft movements in 2019 ( It’s not a minor airport either!
DougieL 1
Now compare it to EGLL/LHR, EGKK/LGW or EGSS/STN. They are "major" airports. 80K movements per year is 220 per day. So that's 110 departures per day.
Jan Strömbäck 1
28 movements today, a Friday, where would that wikipedia amount be able to board? They have 17 parkings at the moment checking Google Earths old picture from 2020, but in it it's also visible that they are extending the parking area east with room for almost as many new parking areas, they talk about 45 movements a day in the plans and space for larger aircrafts. The Wiki article can't be about London City Airport.
Mark Longson 1
What could possibly go wrong? hehh hehh
ADXbear 0
Ridiculous, pilotless airplanes, remote towers, whats next, stay home in the undies, nurse a baby, mow the lawn and clear an airliner to land with 300 people on board!

Is there a shortage of building funds there? What! Over there... take train, or a ship.. accidents will pile up..


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