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JAL Offers "No Meal" Option

Japan Airlines has recently introduced a "No Meal" option for passengers on some flights in an effort to reduce waste. This option means that the airline/caterer would not prepare a meal for you, instead of throwing out and wasting food and meals that you don't eat, meaning there will not be a meal for you. ( Ещё...

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James Cox 8
Does anyone really not eat the free food after the huge price you paid for the ticket? I'm all about free lunch!
Kyle Jonas 3
Same! Although you do get an amenity kit, which probably costs about the same as the food
user3956 1
I don't usually eat the entire meal but I definitely want my meal experience to break up the time on a long flight. I just flew SPN to DFW via UAL and none of the flights offered any food more than little snack packets. I was pissed.

randy everett 10
Take out the restroom also. Make it a dump free flight, that would save a butt-load of energy.
David Lisko 3
I was on a C-130 flight from Christchurch to McMurdo many years back. They had a funnel and a tube. I had no problem. I don't know what the females did (including the pilot". It worked well.
srobak 5
unless this also includes a notable reduction in ticket price - do not bother to select. the regulations requiring disposal are what needs modification here - not the meal option without change in price.
Kyle Jonas 3
And the airline saves money because there's less food going out meaning less food needs to be ordered from a supplier
srobak 5
if they aren't passing that savings on to the customer then I don't care. An airline's profit margins are not the issue here. See my first post.
Kyle Jonas 6
I'm agreeing with you. I'm saying airlines are saving money which can be given to the customer, but is not.


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