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Southwest Airlines will start filling planes to capacity after Thanksgiving as the airline posts a $1.2 billion 3rd-quarter loss

Southwest Airlines will begin filling all available seats on its aircraft come December 1. ( Ещё...

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Anthony Spaulding 3
Well, this clearly shows that profit & making Wall Street happy outweigh the health & safety of passengers as it relates to COVID. Striking how their stock price jumped when WN made this announcement a few days ago.
Oh, Goody! I can't wait to buy a seat!! Yep, they just confirmed the old adage: "You Can't Cure Stupid"!!!!
ADXbear 1
I got 75000 miles to sell cheap.. I'm not flying anytime soon..
Greg Skaradzinski 1
I could understand starting to look at doing this if we had the virus under control. However, on Friday the nation recorded the highest daily total of new cases EVER.
Coalora -1
More and more cases, yet fewer and fewer people dying. I for one will be glad when this entire hysteria and panic is over with, it's proven far too well how easily most people are led by the nose.

Greg Skaradzinski 0
Deaths lag 3 to 4 weeks but in the eyes of your leader, "We've turned the corner."
Coalora 0
mary susan watkins 0
respectfully..if a person chooses NOT to follow the factual information with the cases rising rapidly and hospitals in some places running out of bed space,you can live in blissful ignorance..covid is surging once again in european countries, and it is hitting home in the u.s. at places that thought they would be considered immune because of more land space and more rural areas.if you,your family,and any friends you have have not been affected by covid,either with job loss or financial hardship or hospitalization or worse, i wish you well,but reality is reality,and we are not turning a corner or rounding a curve and wont be as long as people do not listen or continue to take precautions..there is a definite distinction between "people being led by the nose" as you stated,and staying informed with the truth and the facts,and not political rhetoric...
Coalora 1
I never mentioned politics, although it seems to be first and foremost on your mind, and the minds of others. You're free to stay at home and never interact with another human being for the rest of your life if you're so afraid. That's all that the media has been promoting with this hysteria: Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. I know you're all afraid, and I don't blame you for being so with what you've been bombarded with day in day out.

I'll say what I said before, I'll be glad when the hysteria and panic of this entire mess is over.
mary susan watkins 0
cases of covid are climbing rapidly at this time, and the expected total of those with it as well as those who might die from it are increasing as was anticipated..everyone is tired of it, so unfortunately,lots of people are ignoring the fact it is still rampant and there is yet no vaccine..the airlines are in a quandry because they are running short on funds,have already laid off thousands and have cut routes..southwest has so far not been included in layoffs,but i just dont see how they will be "filling up" their planes..


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