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American Airlines says it will stop flying to 15 US cities in October, leaving some without an airline — here's the full list

American Airlines says it's suspending service to 15 cities across the US on October 7 as federal assistance through the CARES Act is scheduled to expire. Secondary cities across the airline's route network from New Mexico to Connecticut are on the chopping block, with some cities in danger of losing all air connectivity once American leaves. Cities served only by the American Eagle regional arm are most affected. American said the suspensions were scheduled to last through November 3… ( Ещё...

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SootBox 0
How long before all of American goes into the toilet? Can't happen soon enough. Horrible airline.
Ric Wernicke 1
Those 15 cities don't have stagecoach service either. There comes a time when the lack of passengers dictates the suspension of service.
mary susan watkins 1
i remember in the early 80's when american made many changes to its schedule,with the help of the unions,to ADD american eagle to a lot of smaller markets,and take out the bigger planes that had been serving some as american deleting smaller cities,american is just going back in time,and its sad to see,even if they say its temporary..i also remember the issue with the SCOPE clause for the unions, as they feared american eagle an its crews would be taking jobs and routes flown by american aircraft and was all worked the way, there are cities like houston that operate eagle from hou and aa from iah,and have on occasion,had a few eagle flights into iah as well..i remember cities in texas such as amarillo and lubbock,who had the larger aa aircraft, and then cut back to strictly eagle (now envoy) flights..we shall see what happens..
Michael Huggins 2
Sad to see that KFLO will be left with no airline service at all. Delta pulled out in 2011, now AE is bailing. While I understand that the area isn't what one would call "bustling", it is still sad to see them go.
sparkie624 1
Another related Article:
mbrews 8
- One discontinued city is New Haven, Connecticut. American operated flights from there to its hubs in PHL and CLT. An easy decision to drop that destination. For one thing, many New Haven travelers simply drive up I-91 to take flights from Hartford-Bradley KBDL, served by Southwest & others.

Also, airline demand from New Haven's largest enterprise - Yale university, basically disappeared since Yale locked down and switched to remote classes
robin guess 3
I have a feeling that most of the Pax. flying out of KROW were pilots flying back to base after flying in a bird going into storage.
Robert Cowling -7
Delta dropped one of the local airports that many people would drive to fly out of. Their capacity way exceeded their current need, so people loved to drive up, valet park their car, and walk right on to the plane. Security was a breeze, and literally people would drive up, and hop on. Not anymore. But Allegiant has stepped up and started offered a few more flights to places no one wants to go to. HAH HAH!!!


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