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Air Canada captain flies retirement flight with his brother as co-pilot

An Air Canada pilot had his brother as first officer on his retirement flight. Both are B787 pilots. ( Ещё...

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sharon bias 13
Great story. They certainly look like brothers, even when one is about a foot taller. The seat adjustment on cars growing up probably got a lot of use.
MSU Sparty 10
Great story
Last month I flew Aegean Airlines from Rome to Athens and it was the Captain's retirement flight and he had his son as First Officer. The cabin PA announcement from the Capt and Son was epic. Not many dry eyes
ADXbear 7
Congrats, another great pilot hits the beach.
Christoff du plessis 7
These retirement flights always bring up some emotion as it always is the end of an era. Would just like to wish this Captain all the best for his retirement.
Aldrei Zanette 6
Great story. Hope you enjoy your retirement sir.
Parakulam Seshadri 5
Paul F Harris 5
Tony Silverstrå 5
Time to fly piper or cessna enjoy your retirement.
David FitzGerald 5
Such a great story. Enjoy your retirement Captain Albers.
DGR Rathborne 4
I'd like to wish Captain Paul Albers , for such a great career . Many of us can only dream about what you lived .
I wish you well in the future , and what a loss for Air Canada , to lose such a talented and experienced Officer .
Best wishes Captain ............DGR
Ken Shearer 4
Stephanie Miller 4
Great story and congratulations, Captain!! Two fine looking fellows :)
ThePumpkin 3
Fantastic way to end a career. Really touching. Time to let the “kids” take over. Enjoy your time chilling with your family now Capt Paul.
James Van Doren 3
I'll bet that Mr Albers'll be flying something! I'm 83 and as long as the medical holds-up, I'll keep my little 172 RG happy; great little business plane. BTW I've found out, following my old engineering buddies, that retirement kills people. Maybe Mr Albers'll want to buy ole C-GPKA if I'm forced back to driving, hey?! Jim Van Doren
Greg Mermel 3
Did anybody else catch the "forty years and five months" of flying for Air Canada? So how old is he?

Canada used to ape the US and force pilots to retire at 60. An internet search shows that this policy was challenged - successfully - in court about ten years ago. So far as I can tell, there is no longer a mandatory retirement age for pilots there. Apparently, they can limit the responsibilities for someone over 65, though I couldn't find any specifics.
Supercool Marmol 3
So did AC randomly assign the crew, or did they take the time to realize it was his last flight and his brother could serve as FO? I'm hoping that AC did the latter.

Em Fairley 1
Retirement flights always deserve more attention than others, so I have no doubt that this was planned
tom manna 2
Have a GREAT retirement Capt!!


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