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Chinese airline pilot grounded for seating wife in cockpit

Unseemly behavior of pilots and passengers alike continue to cast a negative light on flying in China A pilot with Shenzhen-based Donghai Airlines has been fined 12,000 yuan (US$1,756) and grounded for six months pending further disciplinary action after he was seated his wife in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 jet on a flight that he commanded. (www.aviationrepublic.com) Ещё...

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Samantha McLaughlin 2
If you read the article, it states that this is the third of this type of violation, and the latest in a series of transgressions by the pilot. "...on at least two separate occasions, he decided to initiate departure even though the actual passenger headcount on board was different from the flight manifest.". As a member of the flying public, my concern is with his pattern of behaviour and safety. If he would do these things, what else might he do that is just sloppy work or outright violations?
jcw1953 2
hello Larry Toler....yep....I hear you..... like you cannot have non-essential personnel
watching an operation underway in the OR......
Guy Lessard 1
Years ago , before 9 11 of course , our company suggested that we go through business class and ask anybody who would like to seat in the cockpit for the entire flight if they wish , destinations where like LGA ORD,YYZ, did it many times ....AND nothing besides good and interesting conversation happened..!!!
jcw1953 0
I agree with chris shaw..... are we not on auto-pilot most of the time anyway when up at altitude
Larry Toler 1
Problem with that is if something does go wrong would you want a non-essential person on the flight deck? Even on auto pilot there is still a lot going on and the pilots do need to monitor instruments and any radio chatter.
Mike Hindson-Evans 2
Aeroflot - Airbus - nose-first into terrain from altitude; pilot's teenage son at controls.
THAT is why a sterile cockpit is required.

"Them good ole' days" don't cut it any more - sadly!
chris shaw 2
What's all the fuss about? this used to be a privilege exercised many years ago on commercial airlines at the behest of the pilot ( or management for high profile celebrities) before the paranoia of modern H & SE taken to extreme.
Husband and wife terrorism partnership poses no greater risk than a terrorist on his own, so chill out and get on with life.
Larry Toler 4
It's also a safety concern. She could also be a distraction. If it were my wife she would be in the jump seat complaining about my flying.


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