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Personal helicopter will be as easy to drive as a car

Before the end of the year, a firm called E-Volo in Karlsruhe, Germany, says it will make its first piloted flight with an easy-to-fly vertical take-off aircraft called the Volocopter. ( Ещё...

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Matthew Unger 2
I am currently a CH-47 Chinook helicopter mechanic. I am wondering what the rationale is behind so many individual rotor systems. I am guessing that it may be so that each rotor system only makes minute pitch adjustments, thereby minimizing the efforts the pilot needs to make, and also prevent too radical of maneuvers by accident. Maybe? From a mechanic's point of view, all those rotor systems mean linkages, driveshafts, and transmissions. On the surface it seems a mechanical nightmare. Who is going to do all the maintenance on these beasts? Are everyday users going to do pre-flight inspections? How much mechanical knowledge will operators be required to have in order to safely and effectively fly and maintain these things?


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