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An Ode to Logan

Great article about Logan and growing up as a kid plane spotting there. While it's not the best airport there certainly are worse. ( Ещё...

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mbv9415 2
I've only been to BOS a few times, but I do enjoy arriving early so that I can hit Cinnabon for coffee and breakfast. Just relaxing in one of the chairs watching the sunrise over the water while having breakfast is as enjoyable as my deck. Only difference is my deck doesn't have planes taking off near it.

I'm sure most of us have a favorite airport from the old days where we developed our love of planes. For me it was the old PIT with the observation decks, used to go Sundays after church and watch for hours. You also used to be able to sit on the berm at the end of the runways. It was really fun at night. The hill was high enough that most birds looked like they were going to fly right into it.
Clam Shell 1
An interesting read. I imagine this scene from childhood was repeated in airports across the country and around the world. As for me, I did much of the same thing in the CSG airport back in the day. Of course that was when CSG received nearly 30 flights a day from about 15 cities. Today, only 5 CRJs come from ATL. Sad. Lots of memories from those days.
99NY 0
Hard to believe the guy actually said that Logan has "an efficient public transport link to the city". The T is hardly efficient on its best days, and anybody who has lived in Boston can testify that the Blue Line is probably top of the heap in terms of longest wait times between trains. Makes it sorta hard to budget time for getting to your flight. And you have to take a bus from the terminal to the station.

Logan is probably the closest airport to a major metro center in the US, yet somehow you still spend the better part of an hour to get there.


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