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United "You're going to like where we land." ad at WTC site

Following the flight 93/175 reinstatement debacle, another gaffe out of United at the site of the UAL175 crash. ( Ещё...

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Ronnie Mc 0
This is going to far, its an ad...
mark tufts 0
stupit on uniteds part as well as the vendor. i would have put the ad in a different ;ocation
indy2001 0
United hired the vendor to put up a certain number of signs scattered around the region. The actual locations were selected by that vendor, not United. So blaming United is ridiculous.
FedExCargoPilot 0
its not united's fault, though it does sound a pretty bad coincidence that it was placed there.
Drag0nflamez 0
It's pretty bad coincidence. United should fire their marketing agency for this giant error.
John Casebeer 0
If you remember the downing of KAL 007 by the Russians over s ahkalin Island en-route to Seoul you will like this. They started an ad that week that said "Your flight on Korean not only seems shorter, it is shorter" as they had just been approved for a shorter route. Things like this happen and it is nobody's fault.
zone5ive 0
A company that hires an agency that uses bad judgement should be prepared to accept blame if they get negative publicity. And most people won't dig down to get the facts behind a story but will accept it at face value. Many, many more will hear about it second hand. All will conclude that United did a bad thing. It's not ridiculous, it's human nature. Sometimes a confluence of events and circumstances that come into play does produce an unfortunate result that is nobody's fault. This is not such an instance.
Richard Garber 0
The only entity at fault is an overly-sensational media outlet looking for ratings during sweeps. Very Fox News-like, WNBC.

Ronald Padgett 0
It said LAND, not CRASH. It's an Ad. Noone would mind if it were a Southwest ad? Had it been discussed, I'm quite sure it wouldn't have been placed in that location but for pete's sake... Anything for a chance to complain. Or perhaps they're correct... Perhaps we wouldn't like landing in New York, Washington, DC or Pennsylvania.
Christopher Billings 0
I do not think it is United's fault, they do not get to pick where their ads are put.
John Casebeer 0
It seems like somebody has to be blamed for everything. The American people and the corporations need to lighten up. Things happen unwittingly and always will. I agree with padgtettrea i.e. don't miss a chance to complain!
Lloyd Boyette 0
I feel VERY strongly as an American that we should as a whole put this behind us and move on. With respect to all that gave their lives during this unfortunate event in history I would say as a proud American we're better than that. We've paid our respects, mourned and grieved for more than 10 years.

As a Colorado resident I wasn't there, however, It's this type of attitude that holds us back from moving forward. As a former Volunteer Fire Fighter I know none of my would ask me to hold back from a better tomorrow if this had happened to them. Respect what needs to be respected and move on. Remember what needs to be remembered and learn from what history teaches us, and move forward.
KauaiGolfer 0
Must've been a very slow news day. Come on!
SF Johannsen 0
What does United have to do with WTC even before the tragedy?
Chuck Me 0
Wow. What a bunch of oversensitive people. Only someone looking for something to get ticked off about would see this and get worked up over it.

Good job by the media making something out of nothing.


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