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Southwest Airlines Celebrates First Mother/Daughter Pilot Duo

On July 23, 2022, Holly and Keely Petitt piloted their first Southwest Airlines flight together, making it the first mother and daughter duo for the carrier. ( Ещё...

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Rich Pasco 9
It’s a great story regardless of the negative posts of the he-man woman haters club.
Cleffer 17
Daniel Hagan 13
Great feel good story to begin my day!
Congratulations Holly and Keely.
John McMicken 6
thank you southwest for allowing this to work "inside the box". It had to be a special event for the ladies and pax!! positive rate, gear up..
gil graham 9
That'd never worked in my family. A fight would've broken out before cruising altitude.
Paolo Vinci 9
w2bsa 9
Joe Keifer 8
mary susan watkins 8
what a wonderful story!congratulations to them both! its quite a feat and a n historical moment!
Ella Fast 6
Leander Williams 3
Congrats to mom and daughter. I wonder if that was a one-time crew allowance. I have heard that airlines don't want immediate family members flying together in case of that worst-case scenario. Sort of like the Military would not let me serve in Vietnam because my brother was already there.
Ronald Jacobs 1
Must admit I'd assumed it WAS a rule that close relatives could not crew together.
Leander Williams 1
I'm not sure if it is a written-in-stone rule, but if you saw the movie Saving Private Ryan, I think it follows the same thinking. The airlines don't want to have to tell a family that their father-son or daughter or wife-son or daughter both perished in a crash. Personally, I think immediate family members should be allowed to fly together JUST ONCE, and then revert back to flying with others.
AWAAlum 1
Even in corporate America, top execs aren't supposed to fly together.
Leander Williams 1
That is why the President and Vice President have separate aircraft
anthony geinopolos 5
Fred Rosa 5
Great news! My wife and mother-in-law were both United Methodist pastors. Breaking ground is great, but why has it taken so long?

And neckties??? Come on, SWA. It's time for a real female uniform.
AWAAlum 0
Victoria Auerbach 4
Bill Simpson 4
Mom: Flaps 10. Daughter: I don’t want to mother. Mom: Now is not the time, dear. In all seriousness, wonderful story.
gil graham 3
exactly: "gear up" - quit telling me what to do! "you over rotated" - shut up! "He said 10,000"-I've got ears don't I! "well, you missed a turn back there" - I brought you into this world...
Ronald Spencer 3
Great outcome congratulations
gary williams 3
Andre Page 3
Hah! My Mom was right... After a flight she said: "There are children running the plane" ;-)
Gregory Szymanek 2
Frank Addison 2
Jim McGinlay 1
A great accomplishment but, for the sake of the rest of the family, I think they should fly separately god forbid if something tragic occurred.
William Robertson 1
They may be the first to FLY TOGETHER but they were not the first mother-daughter duo pilots for Southwest. The first was Cathy Jones (hired 1982) and Claudia Simpson-Jones! I also recall watching the two on a Good Morning America spotlight in the '90s - one that included Captain Claudia's new husband at the time, First Officer Fred Sorenson - as they were 'all in the family' pilots at SWA! Claudia retired in 2000.

They are pictured together here on a CO jet prior to being hired at SWA (Claudia flew for Continental and Cathy for Hughes Airwest I believe) -
Richard Kulczewski 1
SWA - That’s my airline ✈️
Michael Reamy 1
Derryck Anderson 1
Thomas Francl 0
Terrific! Hope they didn't have any mother-daughter arguments.
lynx318 0
Imagining chat midflight:
Mom, "Do you have to flirt with that scruffy baggage handler?"
Daughter, "He makes me laugh"
Mom, "How he treats PAX luggage is enough to make anyone laugh."
Ron Streetenberger -4
This is something very special and they are both damn fine looking as well.
Dennis Stockton -5
So now it's not the cockpit but the box office.


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