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Fauci: U.S. Should ‘Seriously’ Consider Vaccine Mandates For Air Travel

He wants the U.S. to “seriously” consider imposing vaccine mandates for people to fly ( More...

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bbabis 9
The U.S. Should 'Seriously' Consider ignoring Fauci. Doing the exact opposite of anything he says is probably a better path forward.
Ron Wilcher 6
I hear you. Its all BS.They want to kill the travel industry, as well as all small business.
Christian Parada 8
When covid lockdowns first started in 2020 they said children weren't susceptible to it.
Now they want all children vaccinated.
Then they said you didn't have to wear a mask.
Then they said to wear a mask.
Then they said to wear 2 masks.
Then they said you can take your masks off.
Then right when the numbers were falling and it looked like the pandemic could be ending there was another variant and they said to put your masks back on.
It's like they're just making this stuff up as they go along.
Pecos Llama 5
That's the thing about science. Recommendations and knowledge are subject to change as new data becomes available. To do otherwise would be extremely foolish.
Christian Parada 1
Still waiting for someone to explain the science of not mandating illegal immigrants to get vaccinated.
virginia davis 1
The masks came off, and the numbers were falling, then a new jab. Then came a new variant, and the numbers went up. Then, ditto and ditto! You can’t make this stuff up…
sparkie624 6
Fauci with all of his Flip Flopping, I look at him as "The Village Idiot" He needs to retire and just keep his mouth shut! He has become 99% Politician and less than 1% medical professional!
Sparkie624, I could not agree more.
Before COVID-19, who had ever heard of Dr. Fauci?
Lacking a pandemic, he has no way to maintain relevance.
Also, If he is a true medical professional, why do we not hear about taking vitamins and eating a balanced diet to keep the body at peak resistance to disease?
Charlie Roberts 9
Actually, research him, even back to the AIDS Epidemic.....
virginia davis 1
Dr. Frankenstein=Village Idiot
Anthony Acri 3
Fauci doctor earth go rot in hell US and the world listen to the real science and let stop this
How stupi can people be. Wear a mask ion the fligt. Food comes, take off mask. Covid takes a brwak then
sparkie624 6
Instead of being Dr. Fauci, In reality he should be called "Dr Falsely"
Michael Yentzer 3
Every day we see that the Jabs only have a limited life and only reduce the impact of the virus. The Airlines have the cleanest and safest environment and Masks and the Jab, if it does not kill you, are not necessary to fly. What CCP Fauci is all about is promoting permanent Tyrannical restriction on all Americans and ripping their rights away from them. Especially the freedom of movement and association with your fellow men and Women. These Mandate will further destroy the Airline and travel industries that we Americans have always enjoyed. Fauci needs to be investigated especially his association with the CCP military complex. I am anti mask because they cause more harm to the wearer the good, I am not Anti Vax but it is a choice of the American people and their Health care provider and not a Tyrannical illegitimate government in DC.
avionik99 2
I have been fully vaccinated and then actually got covid D. Tell me why I need to mask up again? I cannot get it nor spread it. The symptoms of Omicron is no worse than that of a hard days work. But then that confuses liberals as they have no clue what that feels like!
Look who posted this and ask yourself why.
Colin Seftel -3
As a passenger, I would certainly choose to fly with an airline that has a vaccine mandate. Why should I risk my health?
jeff slack 2
I am horrified to read the ignorant conspiracy replies in this thread.
You of course are right and I am with you.

Soon the detractors of science here will not have to worry about flying; they will be dead.
Coalora 0
You people keep saying that, praying for it, desperately hoping beyond hope for it... but it never happens, and it's not going to happen. People like yourself who desperately hope that anyone who isn't playing along dies from this (and soon) have been crowing the same fearmongering nonsense for a year and a half now. It's a sign of how divorced from reality and hyperbolic many people are over the fearmongering associated with this entire thing that you have a large subset of the population who are desperately convinced and hoping that anyone who disagrees with them will somehow magically die "very soon" of a disease that even at its **peak** many months ago left 99% of people alive after catching it.

Take a look at yourself.
Ron Wilcher -3
Well you have been vaccinated, I do not think you know it but you can be a carrier and give it to other people same as I can, and I have had Covid 19 and spent 10 days in the hospital. So, I have not taken the risk to get the jab. Do you know 1% of people getting the shots have bad reaction to it and 50% of those die? Now that is more than die from Covid, Did the CVC tell you that, or Fauci, did they tell you the shot doesnt work. Did they tell you that.
sparkie624 7
I have a personal friend who is a Pharmacist and recently retired, He has stated that the number or bad reactions are well within expected numbers and was surprised that it was not much much higher than it was. He recommended that I take the Jab and have done so with no reactions. I have needle phobia so to speak and the first 1 I never felt... was talking to the guy who gave it to me and then I told him I was ready... He said he had already given the shot a couple minutes ago. the 2nd I did feel, but did not really hurt.
Colin Seftel 4
I wonder how many of the anti-vaxers are really just covering up their needle phobia! I salute you Sparkie for admitting it and still doing the right thing.
sparkie624 3
Good question... that was the biggest issue holding me back! Before someone gives me a shot I tell them 2 things very clearly:
1.) Don't let me see the needle!
2.) Don't tell me when you are going to stab me! (So to speak)
Colin Seftel 5
Let's test your numbers, Ron. 61% (204million) Americans are fully vaccinated (source: If your claim that 1% had bad reactions is true, that would be 2 million bad reactions. Does that sound true? You claim that 50% of these 2 million cases died. That would be 1 million deaths, does that sound right? For the truth please refer to the CDC website
matt jensen 1
The requirement for a pandemic is 7%
USA which has the most cases and deaths is just 0.002%
avionik99 -1
If only you could actually back that up with links!!
Roy Talbot 0
Yes Do it! Make it mandatory.


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