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Woman uses Microphone to Rant about Covid Midflight

An unruly woman was captured on video ranting into a microphone about the COVID-19 pandemic during a commercial flight – much to the annoyance of her fellow passengers. ( Ещё...

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Cleffer 6
We really need to stop giving people like this attention.
ThinkingGuy 3
Yes, I'm thankful that the article notes "The woman's identity remains unknown." Hopefully the airline will keep that information between themselves and the police.
jmilleratp 1
If she's charged, it will be public information.
mary susan watkins 2
stupidity and arrogance cannot be fixed..
Paul Miller 3
ANOTHER IDIOT !!! Goodness me when will all of this stop ? and the we can go back to what flying was like Two Years ago now ? How I wish that so much right now.
vector4traffic 4
> "My dog has better sense than any of you," the woman says as flight attendants escort her to the back of the plane. "In fact, my dog could be a better God for you people."

Probably explains why a certain "politician" got named their "God Emperor"....
peter tomlinson 1
We seem to have more than our share of mentally retarded people .
patrick baker -2
where is duct tape when you really need it. Behold the "logic" of the anti-vaxers.....
Cleffer 3
A bit of a leap there. The article does not make it clear which side of the fence she is on. Not that I care which side "Crazy Horse" is on.... You take her.
C172Rpilot -3
The woman definitely blew a fuse and definitely not in the right place…but in her defense..people are tired of masks, tired of being forced to vax, tired of being told to stay home, tired of the government corruption, tired of being told to what their kids need to learn. It’s just human nature but something has got to give, and people going off the deep end is the first link in the chain. You’re blaming the wrong people…the issue started overseas, millions have died yet no one or country is being held accountable.
James Driskell 1
On the other hand, ignore sound medical advice at your own peril!


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