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Airlines like United and American are dedicating billions of dollars to fly a new type of aircraft that won't require pilots

United Airlines became the first major US airline to place an order for electric take-off and land aircraft, better known as eVTOLs, in February and its early adoption kicked off a trend in the industry. American Airlines soon followed with a $1 billion preorder with Vertical Aerospace for up to 250 eVTOLs. ( Ещё...

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ADXbear 3
NFW not doing a pilotless aircraft...
canuck44 2
Might gave saved more getting rid of those they call "customer service".
jmilleratp 1
Thanks for telling us which we will NEVER fly them when/if that happens.
Michael Nelson 1
Aviation history is full of examples where pilots ability to judge a situation were key to avoiding a crash. I can only think of one situation that a pilotless aircraft might have made a difference. That was the Greek airliner whose oxygen system failed. Pilotless aircraft are so wrong. I will never knowingly turn my life over to the judgement of a silicon chip. let me know how allowing your toaster to fly your aircraft works out for you.


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