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Planespotter Paradise St. Maarten To Open Its Borders To Canadian and European Travelers On July 1, 2020

Sint Maarten will open up its borders to parts of the wider world on July 1, 2020. Travelers from Canada and Europe will be allowed to enter once they meet the mandated requirements. ( Ещё...

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dee9bee 3
I could follow all those requirements or simply stay home for the time being, assuming the kids aren't driving me crazy, that is.
The word here in the USA is that road trips will be the big thing this year.
airuphere 1
You could follow them, but they ain’t letting you ( Americans ) in.
Robert Lewis 1
Jim Ries 1
The flight from Paris was diverted today to Guadeloupe.
Roger Anderson 1
I heard from a friend that workers at PJIA are striking. Seems to be a pretty chaotic situation.
Roger Anderson 1
Princess Juliana Intl Airport. Sorry about that :P
dee9bee 1
PJIA must be a local reference, not an ICAO one.
Michael Meyers -1
Hahaha how’s that MAGA thing working for ya’ll now?


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