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How Europe’s low-cost airlines are surviving the pandemic without billion-dollar bailouts

As a devastated European airline industry looks to ramp up flights next month, low-cost carrier Wizz Air is soaring higher than the rest. The Budapest-based company’s stock has gained more than 40% since the middle of March, when the spreading coronavirus pandemic forced most airlines in Europe to sit on the tarmac. To protect the industry and stave off job losses, government officials have poured billions of dollars of support into major airlines like Germany’s Lufthansa and Franco-Dutch… ( Ещё...

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Martie Williams 5
Please don't bother posting articles that require subscribing to a third party pay site before reading.
djames225 4
joel wiley 1
Well, here is a non-paywall on how European airlines were surviving without bailouts prior to Covid-19.
Miguel Otero -1
Total out of context the title. Europeans airlines get subsidize so not need of bailouts. They are bailouts forever until something happen inside the airline.


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