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Almost 70 Airlines Have Suspended Flights To China Because Of Novel Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus continues to spread globally, airlines have taken preventative measures to help reduce the spread by either suspending or reducing flights in and out of China. Some of those airlines are also focused on relief efforts to get stranded foreigners out of the China mainland. ( Ещё...

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mary susan watkins 1
that is quite a ist of airlines suspending service,at least temporarily..some have extended the bans until various dates in march, while others its only until the end of february..let us hope the virus will be confined by this..its probably not enough time to eradicate it,if that can be done..chinas economy most certainly will suffer, and that will pose a problem for lots of exported items to other countries as well...
Shenghao Han 1
Relax People, it is not peak travel season (in fact, just ended), so not that many people needed to fly. Plus the virus naturally deter travelers, so the airlines will hemorrhage profit if they decide to keep the flights flying, even might start lose money on flights...

Remember an airline can lose money on a short haul flight with as little as 5 unfilled seats.

Next peak travel season is Spring break (March/April), then May 1st (Chinese-week-long holiday) which will also kick start summer travel season with thousand of students needed to fly. By then the virus will likely get contained, and potentially vaccine on the horizon.

Next Chinese school/public holiday is in April, but it is three-day-long long-weekend, most family won't choose to travel abroad.

Some airlines naturally doesn't have flights during February-May


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