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WestJet scrubs 737 Max from busy winter holiday schedule, affecting thousands

WestJet Airlines Ltd. (WJA:CT) is removing Boeing 737 Max jets from its holiday schedule while Air Canada warns the impact of the grounded jet on its operations may ripple well into 2021. ( Ещё...

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Cansojr 0
Both Canadian carriers must seriously consider the future of these aircraft in their fleets. It will cost a lot of money to prep them for winter storage. Not only is that a wasteful cost of valuable resources for all Canadian carriers who purchased the MAX8s. These aircraft are not generating revenue...They are collecting dust. Serious legal questions must be considered by the carriers of these parked aircraft.
Don Quixote 1
They already are considered. They're going to fly them for the next 25-30 years. Let them collect dust, they'll be in the air in no time(compared to the long haul). Placing orders for other aircraft is not feasible. It would just delay the process even longer.


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