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A flight attendant has died after contracting measles on a flight out of New York City, according to reports

An El Al Airlines flight attendant who contracted measles after a person infected with the disease boarded a flight from New York City has died, according to Israeli media reports. Israel's Ministry of Health confirmed that a person infected with measles was onboard an El Al Airlines flight from New York City to Israel on March 26. There are ongoing measles outbreaks in Israel and New York. An El Al Airlines flight attendant who contracted measles after a person with the disease boarded a… ( Ещё...

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sparkie624 2
Bad news... Sorry to hear this... Condolences to the Family!
linbb 4
Seems there is a good reason to be vaccinated for them and others. Don't blame anyone else other than the stupidity of those who think its bad for them and live in the dark ages.
sparkie624 1
Most Certainly... Why would you not want to be... I thought full vaccinations was required for all flight crews.. guess I was wrong.


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