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Southwest Paid for FAA Inspector During Shutdown

Southwest Airlines Co. benefited from an unusual deal with federal aviation regulators during the recent partial government shutdown: The carrier agreed to cover the cost of briefly recalling a furloughed safety inspector to sign off on putting three new jets into service. ( More...

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Richard Orgill 26
>>>>>They complained that they weren't consulted as required, and that the arrangement appeared to represent favorable treatment for Southwest at the expense of competitors.<<<<<

BS, my company was willing to pay an FAA employee's fees so we could obtain a Ferry Permit that needed to be done. In the end, I didn't have to do that since we found a retired Inspector who was available. There is NO favorable treatment it's called sound management and having the ability to keep the birds in the air.

I have ordered my staff to compile a listing of former FAA inspectors who can sign off issues we might have during Gvt shutdowns. I'm not about to allow my company to suffer because airheads in DC can't get it together.

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Go Southwest ! You were correct and made a good decision. It was win/win. At least three fed.Employees were able to feed their families. The union also won in that dues were collected and paid. Nothing done was illegal and, certainly,not immoral !
darjr26 2
Why is Southwest still being described as a “budget” airline?
bighoss81 2
It may have something to do with them offering lower fares.
lynx318 1
Sounds like 'Early bird catches the worm', maybe the other airlines should have got in quicker too.
Chris B 1
Delta has to be asked why not for the A220

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ken young 5
This is what is referred to as 'improvise ,overcome, adapt'...Falls under the heading of "problem solving".
One insidious fact about how government functions is the layer upon layer of administrative nonsense and bureaucratic crap which grinds the wheels of progress to a halt.
Quite frankly, in theory our government is a pretty good concept. In matters of practicality, it SUCKS...

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Bill Waters 12
Next shut down, lets send the Senators and Congressmen on furlough (they are not needed and don't do anything). Keep the working guys and gals on the job
Cansojr 1
Start that program with the executive branch first! They will howl the loudest first.
saso792 0
Maybe you should check the facts. They will now be paid for their time as will all the federal government employees. Their pay was delayed but they will get their money. Google is your friend.
they got their money, 40 days late, and were told to take out loans to pay the bills. think the govt will pay them interest?
SASO782...yes,i am aware they will receive back pay..i do sir or madam, keep up with the news in written form and on television as well as the internet,and im sure I fact check,google and verify things I see or read more than you..rude remarks are not called for ...have a good day ...
Cansojr 1
Nicely done Mary Susan Watkins!
lynx318 1
Chuckle....Mary Sue...
ken young 1
Your original post appears to imply that furloughed federal workers would NOT be paid for time missed.
In the future, to avoid any confusion or the appearance of misleading statements, CLARIFY and QUANTIFY....
Have a nice day
saso792 -7
If you really believe I made rude remarks, I would say you have some very liberal thin skin? Suck it up buttercup. Go back and read what you wrote, you stated they wouldn't be paid.


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