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The Future of Air France Depends On Becoming Less French

A couple of weeks earlier, he’d tried to resolve a stalemate over pay with Air France unions by proposing an employee referendum. To focus minds on the plebiscite, Janaillac, a former public-transit executive who’d become CEO in 2016, made a confident, even reckless, promise: If his plan, which provided for a modest raise while preserving enough cash to buy new planes, failed to win majority support from the rank and file, he would resign. The morning before his planned appearance, Le Parisien… ( Ещё...

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chalet 2
I never understood the rationale of KLM -a well run airline for years- merging with Air France which has been plagued by chronic strikes and bad management-labor relationships for years. It should be mentioned though that while AF Economy section is very well attended, KLM's Economy section has gone down really bad over the past 10 years or so. Both airlines' Business and First class are simply excellent.
patrick baker 0
remember the battle royale betweeen eastern airlines and the union, and how the death spiral looked from the outside, and this reminds me of those days. The french airline workers are not of this planet, at least by attitude, working in a textbook disfunctional, confrontational, non-collaborative setting, and believe me , the passengers are caught in the squeeze. I suspect Air France potential passengers can get anywhere on earth not flying Air France, and the employees ought to figure that out sooner than later.Also, the company will be compelled to shed thousands of excess workers, who have never really done work worth the salaries, and that ought to be jolly to watch...

fernando kosop -6
Unions, all over the world, will be the only responsibles for the crash and burn of all economies!!!
the stupid unionyzed employees keep asking for more and more.....but all of a sudden will wake up broke and unemployed...all of them
dav555 -4
Agreed. Thank goodness they're on the decline in the U.S. and the vast majority of workers aren't in one. Now we need to get rid of the government employees unions which are a disgrace. If you don't like your job for whatever reason, quit and find another one!


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